Introducing Yeti, an All-New Ed Tech Resource

Yeti is an all-inclusive STEM learning program that includes both student materials and teacher resources. Our goal is to create a space where students can explore hot topics in science, engineering, and technology while learning the skills they will need to succeed in the 21st century.

Yeti teaches STEM concepts through engaging activities that emphasize real-life applications. Students can learn digital citizenship by representing an athlete as a PR agent, use Google apps to design a virtual theme park, and learn coding through a multiplayer game, among other activities.

Lessons will offer multiple learning opportunities. Each module includes interactive components like group activities and games as well as straight-to-the-point texts and videos. As we grow, we will continue to add new topics that excite students of all backgrounds.

Dynamic Science and Technology Education

Yeti is structured like a game where students journey through different science, engineering, and technology education opportunities. Each lesson has seven components:

ENGAGE gets students excited about new concepts through an individual, group, or class warm-up assignment.

EXPLAIN introduces students to the material through a brief text which includes illustrations, a summary, and a vocabulary glossary.

ELABORATE gives students practical experience with STEM through a lab, group activity, or similar learning approach.

EMPOWER teaches important ideas and vocabulary through games and other fun exercises.

EVALUATE provides students with immediate feedback on their level of understanding.

EXPLORE gives early finishers the opportunity to explore deeper with articles, videos, and career connections.

ENRICH gives students opportunities to practice science and engineering skills through projects and other hands-on work.

Each lesson also comes with a Teacher Resource folder. Educators can find lesson plans, slides, step-by-step teacher notes, assessments with keys, student materials templates, rubrics, and more. We provide all the tools teachers need in one easy-to-access place.

New Teacher Resources from an Experienced Ed Tech Team

Yeti was envisioned by the Typing Agent team as a way to give students the STEM background they will need for the 21st century. Our goal is to create an all-inclusive technology education program that can be used in any classroom environment.

Each Yeti lesson is written and prepared by a classroom science teacher with hands-on experience and knowledge in the discipline. By providing the resources for teachers of all backgrounds to teach STEM with ease, we hope to change students’ lives and spark a lifelong interest in STEM.