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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yeti?

Yeti Academy is a full STEM education platform for 6th-9th grade students. Yeti Academy will consist of Yeti Code, a single and multi player coding game and interactive, project based STEM modules that can be customized for any classroom.  Each lesson is maticulously designed by a highly accredited curriculum designer with years of STEM classroom teaching experience.

What is STEM

STEM stands for Science Technology, Engineering, and Math

Is Yeti Academy designed for the classroom or remote learning environment?

Both.  Yeti Academy is an online program deisgned for the classroom and can be seamlessly integrated into a remote classroom environment or a hybrid version of both.

Is Yeti Free or Paid?

There will always be a freemium version of Yeti.  You can upgrade to the premium version to get access to Yeti Code, all of the STEM modules, all of the teacher resources, and the additional features and benefits.

Can School Districts Use Yeti?

Yeti is available to schools at the present time. However, we plan to launch Yeti for school districts in January 2021.

What Teacher Resources are Supplied in Yeti Academy?

Yeti Academy has done all the work for teachers.  It is packed full of teacher resources!  Teachers are supplied with lesson plans, activities, slide shows, tests, and more that can be used in electronic format or printed. The extensive resources we have made available to teachers is what sets Yeti apart!

Can I upload my own content into Yeti?

Yes! In Yeti teachers will have the ability to add their own content into our various modules to serve up their custom lessons to their students in the classroom or remotely.

Will Yeti Have Reporting?

Yes, Yeti will include reporting features. Teachers can gauge student progress, see how much time students are spending on lessons, and show reports to parents.

What Are My Rostering Options?

There are several ways you can roster your Yeti classes.  Students can be manually rostered one at a time, students can can roster via self-registration, you can upload a .csv file, or choose to use Google Classroom and Office 365. ClassLink and Clever rostering will be coming soon.

Is There Live Tech Support If I Need It?

Yes, the Yeti Success Team is here to help you M-F from 7:30am – 4:00 pm PST.

Is Yeti Academy Aligned With ISTE Standards for Learning? Other Standards?

Yes. Most teacher resources define ISTE standards included in the lesson as well as science and engineering practices. Science modules like Sports Med also include the NGSS standards where applicable.

Will the Free Version of Yeti Have Ads?

No, at this time Yeti’s free version will be completely ad-free.

What Subjects Can Students Study Through Yeti?

 We will offer five different courses. More options will be available soon!

Yeti Code teaches students coding skills in a fun interactive Yeti environment. Coding games can be played by single students or students can go head to head as multiplayer coding competitions.

Theme Parks teaches students to use the Google G-Suite as they develop artifacts, practice technical writing, use data, and create graphic design components. The course also includes digital citizenship topics.

Sports Medicine is an introductory biology class based on NGS standards. These modules provide a classroom-based, student-driven curriculum.

Yeti Type  This easy to use typing course allows teachers to serve up custom typing lessons to their students. Yeti Type is a great way to reinforce critical keyboarding skills while serving up content that is relevant to your students’ current learning objectives.

Digital Citizenship 3-5 Prepares your 3-5 students to be successful in this digital age with this curriculum that is aligned with ISTE standards. Digital citizenship concepts are brought to life with a series of exciting super hero videos with lessons to reinforce learning, and an illustrated scenario-based quiz

Sports PR Agency  Is a digital citizenship course for middle school students in which students consider digital influence topics and scenarios. Students pretend to work in a virtual PR agency that manages athletes and helps clients understand the impact and etiquette of their online choices.

How Long Can I Have Yeti for Free?

Yeti will always have a free version.  Premium features will be fee based.  

What Grades Does Yeti Serve?

Yeti is primarily designed for middle school students, grades 6-9. However, some modules may be applicable for early high school students. We will be adding modules for elementary students, starting with our Digital Citizenship 3-5 and Google Suites 3-5 module.

Is Yeti Designed For Traditional Classroom Instruction or Self-Directed Environments?

Both. Yeti is an online program designed for the classroom and can be seamlessly integrated into a remote classroom environment. It can also be used in student-directed settings.

Will Yeti Work with Classroom, Canvas, or Schoology?

Yeti currently works with Google Classroom we will be considering these other integrations based on need.

Do I Need to Load/Roster My Students into the Platform to Use the Yeti Modules?

Yes. There are many ways to add your students into Yeti Academy. Students can self-register, teachers can add students manually, upload via .csv file, or roster students using Google Classroom, and soon Clever and ClassLink. 

How Do I Get Started? Are There Quick-Start Videos or Guides?

Yes. As we get close to launch time, we will have quick-start videos and printable guides for teachers.  

Can Teachers Get PD Credit for Yeti Academy Training?

Yes, if your school or district recognizes it as such, it is possible for teachers to do an online training for Yeti Academy and receive PD Credit.

Will My Students Need Additional Materials or Supplies to Complete Assignments?

No additional instructional printed materials are needed. All printed materials relating to Yeti Academy, including detailed lesson plans and teacher notes, can be downloaded or viewed directly from the site. 

Detailed lesson plans related to in-class lab experiments will note which student materials and teacher supplies are needed at the classroom level, including supplier ideas for supplies.