Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yeti Academy

Introducing Yeti Academy, an innovative Keyboarding and STEM education platform meticulously crafted for K-12th grade students. Aligned with educational standards including ISTE, Common Core, TEKS, and CSTA. Yeti Academy goes beyond traditional keyboarding and technology platforms by seamlessly integrating differentiated learning across its courses including: Keyboarding, Google Workspace Applications, Life Science, Digital Citizenship, Coding and more.

Yeti's dynamic project-based STEM modules are uniquely designed to captivate and engage students at every level. Our platform offers the flexibility to customize lessons to suit the specific needs of any classroom, school, or district. 

Each lesson within Yeti Academy is the result of careful craftsmanship by our highly accredited curriculum designers, bringing years of invaluable Keyboarding and STEM classroom teaching experience into every module. Teachers will find all the course resources they need and will be able to get started quickly and easily. Discover an educational journey that excites and empowers students, paving the way for a future enriched with STEM proficiency.  Sign up for your free 30 day trial of Yeti Academy today

What is STEM

STEM stands for Science Technology, Engineering, and Math

What courses does Yeti Academy teach?

Yeti Academy presents cutting-edge K-12 courses in Keyboarding, Coding, and project-based learning. Take a look below for a comprehensive list of our STEM courses.

Space Code Jr: (Coding: Grades K-2)

Excite your youngest students with this block-based coding game where they learn sequencing, loops, and logic in a fun space environment.

Yeti Code Level 1: (Coding: Grades 3-12)

Teaches students basic coding skills in a fun interactive Yeti snow mountain environment, complete with our exclusive "Coding Palette" to help beginning coders along. Coding games can be played as single player students.

Yeti Code Level 2: (Coding: Grades 3-12)

Teaches students advanced coding skills in a fun interactive Yeti snow mountain environment. Coding games can be played by single students or students can go head to head in multiplayer coding competitions.

Mars Expedition: (HTML 5 Coding: Grades 5+ ) Coming Soon

Students embark on an exciting journey as they build their very own website that will take viewers on an expedition to Mars while they learn HTML 5.

Yeti Peak Keyboarding: (Grade-by-Grade Keyboarding Curriculum: Grades K-12) Coming Soon

Yeti Peak Keyboarding is a rich and exciting keyboarding experience for all students! Teachers now have the option to select from newly-designed, grade-by-grade curricula, each built to address the unique learning objectives at each specific grade level from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Teachers have the choice of which learning path they would like their students to take: WPM or WPM plus Speed. Complete with Yeti's 7 E learning system, Yeti Keyboarding has several learning components allowing for differentiated learning like: Engage, Learn, Benchmark, and Apply tabs and more content than any other keyboarding program on the market today!

Mountain Adventure (K-2 Keyboarding)

Mountain Adventure, a beloved K-2 curriculum, lays the perfect foundation for our little ones to embark on their typing expedition. Equipping young typists with the foundations of mouse skills and keyboarding fundamentals, it is sure to have them skating across the keys in no time!

Pet Spa (Google Workspace Training: Grades 3-5)

In the Pet Spa course, cute pets are key! As students grades 3-5 create artifacts and learn basic skills with Google Workspace applications.

Students develop a vision for their own Pet Spa business using Docs, Drive, Drawings, Sheets, and Slides. Elementary students in Grades 3-5 create artifacts and learn basic skills and terminology related to technology and introductory business ideas.

Pet Spa is a fantastic introduction for students to learn transferable skills and is the perfect precursor to Yeti Academy Snowboard Shop

Snowboard Shop (Google Workspace Training: Grades 5-8)

Sadie Shred is opening a snowboard shop called the “Backcountry Yeti” at the Black Diamond Peak ski resort. Students will help her launch a successful business and ride the chute past the competition! Students will learn and use Google Suite to help Sadie accomplish her tasks. Complete with in app video guidance.

Theme Parks (Google Workspace Training: Grades 9-12)

A technology-based curriculum where students learn to use Google Suite tools while building their very own theme park.  Students work through each of the lessons and learn the tools they need to make it a (virtual) reality!  From logo design to site visit planning, and creating e-portfolios, Theme Parks offers hands-on learning to help develop your students business, school related, and personal skills.  This course features an intentional inclusion of digital citizenship topics.

Sports Med (Biology/Life Science Elective: Grades 6-9)

A technology-based introductory Biology/Life Science class based on NGS Standards. It provides a student-driven project and problem-based curriculum.  The module is broken down into thirteen concepts, each with varying numbers of lessons.  Each lesson page includes seven student modalities. The pacing of the module can easily be adapted based on the preferences of the classroom teacher and time restraints of the class and can be easily adapted to the teaching style of any classroom.

Custom Keyboarding  (Keyboarding: Grades K-12)

This easy to use typing course allows teachers to serve up custom typing lessons to their students. Yeti Type is a great way to reinforce critical typing skills while serving up content that is relevant to your students’ current learning objectives.

Super Citizenship  (Digital Citizenship: Grades 3-5)

Prepares your 3-5 students to be successful in this digital age with this curriculum that is aligned with ISTE standards. Digital citizenship concepts are brought to life with a series of exciting super hero videos with lessons to reinforce learning, and an illustrated scenario-based quiz

Sports PR Agency  (Digital Citizenship: Grades 6-9)

In the Sports PR Agency module, students will participate in individual and collaborative project and problem based activities, centered around digital influence topics and scenarios.  “Working” in a virtual PR agency, students will manage athletes and help them to understand the impact and etiquette surrounding digital influence. Complete with introductory videos with real world teens offering instant identification and relatability for your students!

The Pizzeria (Computational Thinking: Grades 3-5) Coming Soon

As students journey through each concept and lesson, they are considering different facets associated with operating Bigfoot’s Pinecone Pizzeria restaurant. "The Pizzeria” module is divided into four concepts, corresponding to the four elements of computational thinking: Decomposition, Pattern Recognition, Abstraction, Algorithmic Thinking.

Bike Shop (Computational Thinking: Grades 6-9) Coming Soon

This module is divided into four concepts, corresponding to the four elements of computational thinking: Decomposition, Pattern Recognition, Abstraction, Algorithmic Thinking and utilizes a technology-based and student-driven curriculum where students practice computational thinking through a problem-based approach.

"Create a Course" Custom Curriculum Builder (Grades K-12)

Do you have your own course that you'd like to offer your students? Use this nifty tool to "Yetify" your own curriculum and serve it up with ease to your students, your school, or even your entire district. Includes the option to use ready to go templates, gamification, and  all the exciting in-app features that Yeti Academy offers. Easy to follow instructions for both students and teachers.

Yeti Academy PD: (Professional Development) Coming Soon

No more going back and forth with multiple platforms for your Professional Development needs.  Now, your students and your teachers and staff can all learn in one place with Yeti Academy. In addition to offering courses for you to choose from you can enter your custom Professional Development content easily into the platform and serve it up to teaching staff school or district wide.


Is Yeti Academy designed for the classroom or remote learning environment?

Both.  Yeti Academy is an online program designed for the classroom and can be seamlessly integrated into a remote classroom environment or a hybrid version of both. Yeti Academy  sets each student up for success by giving them the ability to work at their own pace in a differentiated learning style.


What teacher resources are available in Yeti Academy?

This is where Yeti really stands out! No longer do teachers have to spend their summers preparing for their classes, Yeti Academy has done all the work for you and is packed full of teacher resources!  Over 2,000 resources and growing! Teachers are supplied with lesson plans, activities, slide shows, tests, and much more that can be used in electronic format or printed. The extensive resources we have made available to teachers is what sets Yeti apart!

Snowboard Shop, The Pizzeria, and Bike Shop have Teacher Summaries, Artifact Templates, Slide Presentations, Artifact Examples, and Scoring Checklists, as required.  These vary, based on lessons.  Larger modules like Sports Med, Sports PR Agency, and Theme Parks have the elements listed previously, but they also include both written and Forms Assessments, Assessment Keys, Lesson Plans, Teacher Notes, Student Note Packet Templates, Note Packet Scoring Sheets, and more robust teacher materials like warm-up and closing activity sheets and resources.

Is Yeti Free or Paid?

Yeti Academy offers a free 30 day trial which allows you to dive into the program with up to 30 students! During these 30 days you will be able to explore the first module of all of our courses, giving you a complete understanding of all we have to offer. Once your trial is over, you then have the option to upgrade to Yeti Academy Essentials or to Yeti Academy Premium.

Yeti Academy Essentials vs Premium

 Yeti Academy Essentials is everything you need to set up your students for keyboarding and STEM success. With access to our keyboarding curriculum, coding and digital citizenship for grades k-5, your students will been in for a flurry of fun!  Yeti Academy Premium grants you full access to all of our STEM courses, teacher resources, and the additional features including customization, multiplayer options, custom learning themes, advanced reporting, unlimited data, premiere rostering options, priority support and more!

Can Districts Use Yeti?

Yes! Yeti is currently available for stand-alone schools and schools under districts can purchase Yeti Academy. 

Can I Upload my own Content into Yeti?

Yes! In Yeti Academy teachers have the ability to add their own content and build their own course and serve it up to their students using Yeti Academy's exclusive online suite of features and tools! School or district staff can also use our Professional Development course builder to enter their custom PD content and serve it up to their teachers school or district wide!

Does Yeti Academy Have Reporting?

Yes, Yeti Academy includes comprehensive reporting features, and even customizable templetes for teachers to tailor reports to their needs! Teachers can gauge student progress throughout each curriculum, see how much time students are spending on lessons, and create reports as desired.

What reporting do Trial users get vs Essential or Premium users?

Yeti Academy trial users have access to seeing the last 30 days worth of student data in the program for the first 30 students loaded. Paid Essential or Premium users will have access to all historical student data for all of their students in the program.

What Are My Rostering Options?

There are several ways you can roster your Yeti classes.  Students can be manually rostered one at a time, students can can roster via self-registration, you can upload a .csv file, Google Classroom, ClassLink, or  Clever.

Is Yeti Academy Aligned with ISTE Standards for Learning? Other Standards?

Yes. Yeti Academy's modules are aligned with several standards and include ISTE, NGSS, TEKS, and Common Core Anchor Standards.  Most lesson plans detail the ISTE standards included in the lesson and often cite science and engineering practices. Science modules, like Sports Med, also include the NGSS standards and various state standards, where applicable. The Common Core is a set of clear college- and career-ready standards for kindergarten through 12th grade in English language arts/literacy and mathematics.  The standards are intended to ensure that all students have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in college, career, and life upon graduation from high school, regardless of where they live. These standards are aligned to the expectations of colleges, workforce training programs, and employers.  The specific standards applied depend on the nature of the course. 
Authors: National Governors Association Center for Best Practices, Council of Chief State School Officers Title: Common Core State Standards Publisher: National Governors Association Center for Best Practices, Council of Chief State School Officers, Washington D.C. Copyright Date: 2010.

How Long is my Yeti Trial?

Your Yeti Academy trial is avalible for 30 days with up to 30 students

What Grades Does Yeti Serve?

Yeti Academy is designed for all students;  K-12! Inluding grade-specific content, differentated learning and so much more to keep your students engaged and challenged. 

How long is each course in Yeti Academy?

Yeti Academy's courses range from small "project-based" courses that can take a few weeks to a month, to courses that span a semester, to an entire year or more.

Is Yeti Designed For Traditional Classroom Instruction or Self-Directed Environments?

Both. Yeti is an online program designed for the classroom and can be seamlessly integrated into a remote classroom environment. It can also be used in student-directed settings. Yeti Academy's approach to differentiated learning caters to students success and allows students to work at their own pace.

For example, in each STEM module, the ENRICH modality is just that, an enrichment opportunity.  Students who have scored well on the EVALUATE graded assessment can move on to the ENRICH activity.  Students who require more practice can go back and reread EXPLAIN or spend more time on the EMPOWER quiz game.  Students are prompted to move to the next modality when the previous activity is marked complete.  While some students may quickly breeze through a lesson and move on to the videos and links included in EXPLORE, other students can take the extra time they need to review and learn the concepts.  The Yeti approach allows teachers to provide differentiated learning without having to create separate materials.

Will Yeti Work with Classroom, Canvas, or Schoology?

Yeti currently works with Google Classroom we will be considering these other integrations based on need.

How Do I Get Started? Are There Quick-Start Videos or Guides?

Getting started with Yeti Academy is quick and easy. We have an ever-growing Solution Center filled with easy to use help guides and a YouTube library filled with quick-start and overview videos.   If you ever need our help, send us a chat from inside the platform or email us at:

Can Teachers Get PD Credit for Yeti Academy Training?

Yes, if your school or district recognizes it as such, it is possible for teachers to do an online training for Yeti Academy and receive PD Credit.

Will My Students Need Additional Materials or Supplies to Complete Assignments?

No additional instructional printed materials are needed. All printed materials relating to Yeti Academy, including detailed lesson plans and teacher notes, can be downloaded or viewed directly from the site. 

Detailed lesson plans related to in-class lab experiments will note which student materials and teacher supplies are needed at the classroom level, including supplier ideas for supplies.

Is There Live Tech Support If I Need It?

Yes, the Yeti Academy Success Team is here to help you M-F from 7:30am - 4:00 pm PST. Support will be available via in app chat and email. Premium users are ensured Priority Support.

Does the Trial or Paid Versions of Yeti Have Ads?

No, Yeti Academy is completely ad-free. Yeti prides itself on providing a safe, distraction free learning environment for your students. 

Does Yeti have any special remote learning features?

Definitely!  Yeti Academy comes with exciting features that are very helpful for remote learning environments.  Features such as Kudos, Teams, and Class Pulse, many of which are first to market, take teacher and student and student to student communication to the next level!

How much does Yeti Academy cost?

Yeti Academy Premium licenses start as low as $ 1.56/student and Yeti Essentials as low as $1.20/student! Right now, Save 30% if you purchase Yeti Academy Premium for the 24/25 school year. Click here for more details.  To request a quote email us at:



Let’s Get Started


Yeti Academy is available to classes, schools, and districts of all sizes. Choose from Yeti Essentials or Yeti Premium and gain access to all that Yeti Academy has to offer .


What Educators
Are Saying

“My administration is always asking us about ideas/classes they would consider teaching as electives. I would love to teach one of the Yeti modules, because everything would be included and I don’t have to do a lot of planning.”

— S. Harrington, 7th Grade Teacher, California

“Having had a chance to preview Yeti, I love all of the creative elements and components. Each lesson in the 7 modalities is so thorough and well thought out.”

— J. Westover, 6th Grade Teacher, Florida

“I really appreciate how Yeti has thoughtfully weaved Digital Citizenship components into the various technology modules. It supports the efforts our school is making as we strive to instill these qualities in our students as they are increasingly online in a remote environment.”

— T. Jordan, 8th Grade Teacher, Washington State

"It focuses on Google Tools. I even learned things through this."

— A. Campbell, Teacher - Rogers Adventist School, WA

"Students like using it and it is not difficult to get them started."

— J. Matchus, Teacher - St. Anne’s School, TX

"My daughter can work at her own pace."

— J. Ortega, Parent - Ortega Home School, TX

"Our district is excited about continuing the use of YA this school year!"

— S. Davis, Teacher

"Easy to use platform!"

— B. Rogers, Technology Coordinator - Armenian Sisters Academy, PA

"I have enjoyed using Yeti Academy this year and look forward to using it in the future."

— K. Rinehart, Technology Coordinator - Tewksbury Elementary School

"Our students and teachers love Yeti Academy. This program has proven to be a valuable asset in equipping our students with the essential skills needed for success in the digital age. Our students have not only improved their typing skills but have also honed their critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well. The positive feedback from students and teachers serves as a testament to the program's effectiveness in preparing our students to be confident and competent digital citizens."

— D. Bracken - Community Schools of Frankfurt

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