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Yeti Academy gives Teachers, Schools, and Learning Pods everything they need to easily integrate STEM in their classrooms. Use it completely free or upgrade to the premium version and get access to all of Yeti Academy’s curriculum content and upgraded features.

Give Your Students the Skills That Will Take Them Successfully into the Future

  • 100% Web-based
  • Perfect for all students K-12
  • Free and Premium Versions
  • Over 15 STEM Courses and Growing
    • Yeti Coding (Beginner and Advanced)
    • Google Workspace Training
    • Computational Thinking
    • Keyboarding
    • Science
    • Digital Literacy
    • Online Safety & Digital Citizenship
  • Lessons aligned with National Standards (Common Core, NGSS, ISTE)
  • ADA Compliant Features

Say Goodbye to Teacher Prep Time

The extensive resources we have made available to teachers for our courses is what sets Yeti apart! No longer do teachers have to spend their summers preparing for their STEM classes, Yeti Academy has done all the work for you and is packed full of teacher resources that can be used in electronic format or printed. Teacher Resources are easy to use, easy to find, and are tailored specifically to the lesson. These resources are meticulously prepared by experienced teachers, and include:

  • Formative and summative assessments
  • Teacher summaries
  • Artifact examples
  • Lab sheets
  • Scoring checklists
  • Lesson plans
  • Teacher notes
  • Student note packet templates
  • Warm up and closing activities
  • Slide shows
  • Sub-ready teacher notes that describe each lesson in detail
  • and More


Differentiated Instruction

Yeti Academy’s STEM courses contain varied learning experiences and modalities that allow for differentiated instruction, reaching each student right where they are with their own unique learning style; leading them on to success.

Get Started Quickly and Easily

Yeti Academy provides all of the registration, single sign on and rostering options you need to get started quickly and easily with your students including student self registration, .csv upload, Google Classroom, ClassLink, and other Learning Management Systems. Yeti Academy also offers a comprehensive solution center, a complete video library to orient you to the program and help you get started, and a World Class Success Team.

Build Your Own Course Tool

Do you have a course of your own that you would love to deliver to your student in an online format? Use our nifty “Create a Course” tool to “Yetify” your own curriculum and serve it up with ease to your students, your school, or even across your entire district. Includes the option to use ready to go templates, gamification, and all the exciting in-app tools and features that Yeti Academy offers.

On Demand Reporting

From student and class-level reporting to activity logs that show teachers exactly how much time their class and individual students have spent in the platform teachers will have just what they need in the world of reporting. Scalable from student level to district level and completely customizable.

Stay in Touch with Your Students with “Class Pulse”

Class Pulse was birthed out of our recent times as a way for teachers who were teaching remotely to have a way to connect with their students. Now, whether you are teaching remotely or in class, this nifty tool allows teachers to send a message to their students and “check in” to get a gauge on how they are doing academically. Are they doing well in the particular Yeti course or do they need extra help.  How they are doing on an emotional level?  Are they flourishing or are they struggling? Class Pulse is much more than just keeping in touch, this easy to use tool is an avenue for Social and Emotional Learning.

ADA Features Evens the Playing Field for Students

Learning should be equitable for all students. Our ADA accommodations include features for the sight impaired, hearing impaired, dyslexic, one handed typists and more.  Yeti Academy is committed to continuing to grow this area of the program.

World Class Support

Yeti Academy’s World-Class Support includes a team of technology and curriculum experts, a full library of getting started videos, on-demand explainer videos, live and pre-recorded webinars, and a broad spectrum of Solution Center Articles. Teachers can connect with our Success Team via in app chat or email Monday through Friday
7:30am – 4pm PST.

Let’s Get Started


Yeti Academy is available to classes, schools, and districts of all sizes. Premium pricing depends on the number of students enrolled. Get started with your FREE account today.


What Educators
Are Saying

“My administration is always asking us about ideas/classes they would consider teaching as electives. I would love to teach one of the Yeti modules, because everything would be included and I don’t have to do a lot of planning.”

— S. Harrington

7th Grade Teacher, California

“Having had a chance to preview Yeti, I love all of the creative elements and components. Each lesson in the 7 modalities is so thorough and well thought out.”

— J. Westover

6th Grade Teacher, Florida

“I really appreciate how Yeti has thoughtfully weaved Digital Citizenship components into the various technology modules. It supports the efforts our school is making as we strive to instill these qualities in our students as they are increasingly online in a remote environment.”


— T. Jordan

8th Grade Teacher, Washington State

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