Athletes and the Public: What Middle School Students Think About Digital Citizenship

Children today need to know how to keep themselves safe online from an early age. Fortunately, Yeti Academy has the tools schools need to effectively teach students the skills they need to navigate the digital world.  

Dry, generic teaching materials often fail to immerse students in memorable situations they relate to. With a topic as important as this, we believe schools would benefit from a new kind of curriculum. At Yeti Academy, we chose to base our digital citizenship curriculum on a theme many students are deeply familiar with and interested in: a professional athlete’s online presence. 

We asked nine middle school students what athletes should know about digital citizenship and how they can avoid mistakes they will later regret. Here are their answers!

Video Transcription

How Can Public Relations Agencies Benefit Athletes?

Kid 1: A PR agency could help handle their social media.

Kid 2: And make sure that the public has a positive attitude towards athletes. 

Kid 3: A PR agency manages how the public views you.

How Do Athletes Demonstrate Strong Digital Citizenship Habits?

Kid 4: I think athletes demonstrate strong digital habits by being respectful.

Kid 5: Not posting hate.

Kid 1: Striving to maintain a positive identity.

Kid 6: Athletes want to set a good example for their friends and followers.

Kid 7: Someone who is just caring, and puts their worth ethic out there, and you can see that it’s just not like… They’re more into their sport than they are the publicity, and they just really care about what they do.

Kid 8: Athletes should have a positive image online because they influence many people. 

What Should Athletes Know About Digital Citizenship?

Kid 6: You should be knowledgeable about things like scams, phishing, and malware. 

Kid 1: Double-check and look over your posts or anything you’re going to put on the internet before you do it. Make sure it’s reliable facts if it has facts in it.

Kid 4: One wrong post could jeopardize your entire future.

Kid 9: If you put something online, it’s always going to be there.

Kid 5: It’s important that athletes maintain a good, positive online identity so they don’t ruin themselves and their careers.

Kid 1: To just be a good role model, I guess, to your followers and people that look up to you.


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