Introducing Sports Med, a Biology Elective Curriculum For Middle Schools

Sports Med

Looking for an elective curriculum that will get your students excited about life sciences? Need a tech-based, easy-to-use supplement to round out your regular biology curriculum? Yeti Academy has just what you need: Sports Med, an all-inclusive, activity-rich life science curriculum with extensive teacher resources.

Sports Med is a themed, technology-based life science enrichment course that parallels many local, state, and national standards. The course includes many different activities that appeal to a wide range of learners, including hands-on labs and activities.

Teachers will find that the background work has been done for them with planned warm-up and closing activities, prepared assessments with keys, step-by-step teacher notes with instructions and tips, paired rubrics, student templates, and more. The course is designed for classroom use, but it can be modified to adapt to online learning environments. It’s tech-based, 100% ad-free, and includes all the teacher resources you could ever need.

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Who Should Use Yeti Sports Med?

The Yeti Academy Sports Med curriculum is designed as a biology enrichment. You can use it for elective classes, career and technical education, summer enrichment, or even for after-school programming.

Sports Med is a great curriculum for any class format, whether students are fully remote, fully in class, or in a hybrid classroom. All Yeti Academy modules are tech-based and designed to work well anywhere there is internet access.

Yeti Academy curriculum is also a great choice for educators looking for more differentiated instruction and learning. Each lesson includes seven learning modalities to ensure students can learn in whatever format works best. We include enrichment activities for early lesson finishers.

Best of all, Sports Med and other Yeti courses make it easy for instruction to continue during teacher absences. Substitute teachers can easily find what they need and keep students engaged in their lessons with minimal prep time.

This curriculum is great for both students who love science and students who need more time to take in the material. Sports Med provides plenty of opportunities for discovery and practice, no matter where a student is in their learning journey. We reinforce key topics from core science courses while also opening doors to new material.

As students dive deeper into life science ideas and concepts, they develop confidence they can carry with them into future science courses.

Inside Our Sports Med Curriculum

Sports MedThe Sports Med curriculum is broken down into thirteen concepts, each with varying numbers of lessons:

  • Introduction to Sports Medicine
  • From Cells to Systems
  • Genetics & Heredity
  • DNA, Genes & Traits
  • Fuel to Function
  • A Fine-Tuned Machine
  • The Digestive System
  • The Skeletal System
  • The Muscular System
  • Oxygen & Nutrients
  • The Nervous System
  • Maintaining Health
  • Sports Injuries

Our lessons include a wide variety of student learning modalities, including projects, hands-on lab group activities, assessments with feedback, resources for deeper exploration, and game-centered approaches to learning. Teachers can customize which lessons and activities they want to offer their students.

In Sports Med, we make a point of connecting the course material to real-world topics and activities, including topics that relate to our sports medicine theme. Students can see how the lessons connect to their everyday lives and investigate STEM careers they may be interested in.

Every Yeti Academy curriculum, including Sports Med, comes with extensive teacher resources to make planning and prep as easy as possible. For each lesson, we include rubrics, quizzes, detailed lab instructions, tips, slide shows, and more resources that can be used in their electronic format or printed. We also have detailed, customizable reporting features.

Like other Yeti Academy curriculums, Sports Med is:

  • Tech-based
  • 100% ad-free
  • Aligned with national standards
  • Supportive of Classlink rostering and Single Sign-On
  • Includes ADA features

We give our users world-class support, plus an extensive library of support videos for instructors.

Check out our sports med overview video for a more in-depth look at our curriculum:

What Makes Sports Med Stand Out

Sports MedExtensive Teacher Resources

Yeti Academy modules, including Sports Med, are designed to make life as easy for teachers as possible. Each lesson includes a wide range of educational resources like slide presentations, assessments, games, projects, and more.

Hands-On Learning Components

Sports Med lessons include plenty of opportunities for hands-on learning. We believe that hands-on activities are one of the best ways to keep students interested and excited to learn.


Teachers can easily adapt the module based on their preferences, the class time restraints, and the teaching style of the classroom. We include a wide range of topics and activity types that can work for any type of classroom.

STEM Career Exploration

At Yeti Academy, we’re very intentional about introducing students to exciting science careers that intersect with the course material. In students’ exploration and enrichment, they have opportunities to learn about interesting STEM careers.

Our goal is to bridge the STEM gap and open students’ eyes to the wide and exciting world of life sciences. With Sports Med, we hope to encourage students to take additional science and STEM courses as they get into their upper years of high school and even college.

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About Yeti Academy

Sports Med

From the team that brought you Typing Agent, Yeti Academy creates engaging experiences that get students excited about STEM learning. We provide teachers with everything that they need to feel ready to teach our courses, including slide decks, quizzes, discussion guides, and more.

In addition to life sciences, our courses cover:

  • Keyboarding
  • Coding
  • Digital Literacy
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Computational Thinking
  • Professional Development for Educators
  • And more!

Each module is methodically prepared by an accredited curriculum designer with years of STEM teaching experience. Modules have a project-based appeal where students journey through different learning opportunities.

We believe student engagement is essential, especially in science. We want students to wonder, ask questions, and try and discover the answers. The Yeti team pulls together strategies we’ve tried in our own classroom experiences to make our curriculum more engaging and effective.

With Yeti, students always have opportunities to practice the four C’s of Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity. We introduce the material in a variety of ways, bringing together opportunities for hands-on experiences, gamified learning, and more.

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