Plan For Remote And In-Person Middle School STEM Classes With Yeti

Plan for Remote and In-Person Middle School STEM Classes with Yeti

Teachers and school district administrators throughout the U.S. and world are facing an uncertain 2020-21 school year. Between rapidly changing COVID-19 infection rates and debates on how to balance reopening schools with public health concerns, it’s hard to know which learning formats will be available, let which ones will be most effective or require the least additional teacher training.

One learning format that you can count on is Yeti Academy. From the designers of Typing Agent, our web-based STEM modules for 3rd-9th grade classes are designed to engage students with a variety of learning styles and function fully in any classroom environment, whether in-person or remote. Best of all, Yeti is designed with educators in mind and includes all the teaching resources you could ever need.

We believe Yeti is a good fit for every school!

Middle School STEM Social Distancing Requirements

During social distancing, class projects, teacher supervision, and social interactions cannot happen the same way they did in pre-pandemic classrooms. However, there are still some teaching options that can work well regardless of social distancing, including web-based learning programs.

Yeti Academy’s online STEM modules can help your school adapt to changing social distancing requirements. Our curriculum is designed to integrate seamlessly with traditional classrooms, remote learning environments, and any hybrid combination your school may adapt. Whatever happens this year, your school will be prepared.

Yeti also offers opportunities for student collaboration on virtual teams, allows for teacher-student communication, fosters positive student interaction, and provides tools for teachers to gauge how students are feeling about performance. With Yeti, your school can continue to provide opportunities for healthy communication and nurture students’ emotional well being.

Save Time On Finding STEM Teacher Resources

The Yeti team has a deep understanding of STEM teachers’ needs. We know how much time it takes to plan lessons, create slideshows, and come up with class activities, so we include all the teaching resources you will need in one place. Our goal is to reduce teachers’ workload as much as possible.

Each learning module is prepared by a highly accredited curriculum designer with years of STEM teaching experience. Teachers are supplied with slideshows, activities, lesson plans, tests, discussion guides, and other resources that can be printed or used in their electronic format. We’ve worked hard to make these resources easy to navigate, but if you need help, the Yeti Success Team is here to provide live tech support Monday-Friday 7:30 am to 4:00 pm PST.

We’ve also included plenty of reporting options for educators to use. Teachers can see student progress, see how much time they spend on lessons, and show reports to parents.

Our extensive and easy-to-navigate teacher resources are what set Yeti apart.

Add Variety To Your Middle School STEM Curriculum

Yeti has modules covering a range of STEM topics. From coding games to our highly relevant and fun digital citizenship curriculum, we have something to offer every 3rd-9th grade STEM class.

Introducing students to life science? Use our themed introductory biology module, Sports Medicine, which meets NGSS standards. Looking to give students a head start on coding? Students will love Yeti Code, our first-to-market multiplayer and single-player coding game which is appropriate for coders of all backgrounds. We also have modules covering digital citizenship, typing, G-Suite tools, and more. 

A STEM Curriculum Made For 2021 And Beyond

Yeti Academy is the right program for schools hoping to offer 3rd-9th grade students the best possible STEM education regardless of pandemic status.

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Our STEM courses create relevant tech-based learning experiences for students and supports efficient workflow processes for teachers while providing them with all of the resources they need to teach in class or remotely!

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Our complete digital curricula come with a full suite of tech-based resources that can be easily navigated by both teachers and students. Yeti is appropriate for in-class, remote, or hybrid learning environments.


What Educators
Are Saying

“My administration is always asking us about ideas/classes they would consider teaching as electives. I would love to teach one of the Yeti modules, because everything would be included and I don’t have to do a lot of planning.”

— S. Harrington

7th Grade Teacher, California

“Having had a chance to preview Yeti, I love all of the creative elements and components. Each lesson in the 7 modalities is so thorough and well thought out.”

— J. Westover

6th Grade Teacher, Florida

“I really appreciate how Yeti has thoughtfully weaved Digital Citizenship components into the various technology modules. It supports the efforts our school is making as we strive to instill these qualities in our students as they are increasingly online in a remote environment.”

— T. Jordan

8th Grade Teacher, Washington State

6th Grade Teacher, Florida

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