Yeti Academy is the perfect way for teachers to add depth and engagement to their middle school STEM curriculums. Each ready-to-teach program is aligned with ISTE, NGSS, and Common Core State Standards and is an immersive experience for both teachers and students alike. With a multitude of unique learning routes and opportunities, Yeti helps kids learn important STEM skills while also having lots of fun.

The best part is that Yeti Academy provides teachers with all of the resources and content they need to run a successful web-based or in-person classroom. Since everything is already in place, teachers need little to no prep time to teach a Yeti module. Our numerous courses and curriculums can also be curated to fit the needs of students of all ages, ranging from kindergarten through high school.

What Is Yeti Academy?

From the team that brought you Typing Agent, Yeti Academy offers a new learning tool that focuses on STEM studies. Our modules teach elementary and middle school students about key areas of science, technology, engineering, and more.

Only 1 in 3 teachers claim to have the resources they need to provide their students with a STEM learning system and Yeti is actively working to improve that number. Yeti provides teachers with everything they need to effectively teach their students things like coding, digital citizenship, and other STEM related lessons.

Yeti Academy is an all-inclusive learning program that can be used in in-person or remote learning environments. Our curriculums provide both teachers and students with all of the material and resources they need to succeed and move forward in their education.

Why Yeti Academy is the Perfect Tool for Your Middle School STEM Curriculum

The Yeti Academy team knows that having a strong understanding and background in technology will be of the utmost importance for today’s students when they eventually enter the workforce. Yeti’s STEM educational lessons and activities for middle school students prepares them for their future by helping them learn and develop important skills early on in their schooling.

By using coding games like Yeti Code, middle school students can easily learn to code while collaborating with classmates. Our hands-on activities provide teachers with immersive learning techniques, which can take students to places in their education that they have never been before!

A Few of Our Favorite Middle School STEM Modules From Yeti Academy

As mentioned, Yeti’s tech-based learning programs provide teachers with all of the resources they need to run a successful classroom either in-person or in remote learning environments.

Here are some of our favorite middle school STEM modules we offer teachers and students to help prepare them for their future with technology:

Yeti Code

In either Level 1, which caters to grades 2-4, or Level 2, which caters to grades 4-8, teachers can help students learn introduction to coding in an exciting and adorable Yeti snow mountain environment. Students can go head to head in virtual coding competitions and teachers can even create new levels of their own for their students!

Fun illustrations and thrilling games based around coding are used to help elementary and middle school students get acquainted with coding as individuals, as well as in groups.

Sports PR Agency (Digital Citizenship)

Yet’s Sports PR Agency module helps middle school students in grades 6-9 learn about digital citizenship by collaborating on projects and activities focused around digital influences. Students pretend that they are working at an online PR agency, where they understand the importance of digital citizenship in today’s and tomorrow’s society.

Curated videos featuring real life teens help students relate to their studies while learning the importance of safe information technology practices.

Theme Parks (Google Workspace — formerly known as G Suite)

The Theme Parks module is aimed at helping students in grades 6-9 learn how to navigate and master Google Workspace. In this course, students build a virtual theme park from the ground up while learning how to use Google’s collaborative and productive tools.

Students create everything from logos to e-portfolios in order to help them develop early business skills. Like Sports PR Agency, Theme Parks also explores important digital citizenship topics.

Custom Typing

Yeti’s Custom Typing curriculum can be geared towards students ranging from Kindergarten through 12th grade. This simple and straightforward program allows teachers to create custom typing lessons for students of any age served up to your students in an engaging and fun way.

Yeti Custom Typing can be used to help students learn important keyboarding skills alongside information and lessons from the other coursework in their curriculum.

Coming Soon: Bike Shop (Computational Thinking)

Bike Shop is geared towards students in grades 6-9 and is divided into four concepts that coincide with the four elements of computational thinking:

  • Decomposition
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Abstractions
  • Algorithmic Thinking

The Bike Shop program is driven by technology with student’s enjoyment at the center of the curriculum. Students will practice computational thinking and problem solving through projects and games implemented through a web-based program.

Coming Soon: Sports Med (Introductory Biology)

Sports Med is a project and problem solving based curriculum which teaches biology and life sciences to grades 6-9 as an elective course. This class is broken up into 13 different concepts, which are then divided into smaller lessons to make the content as approachable as possible.

All of the courses and lessons in Sports Med can be implemented at the preferred pace of the teacher as it relates to their classroom and their students.

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