10 Engaging Teacher Resources For Your Middle School Biology Curriculum

biology curriculum resources

Students enjoy learning more when they are presented with information in a fun and interactive way. These websites are filled with amazing resources and tools you can pull from to augment your middle school biology curriculum:

Yeti Sports Med

Yeti Sports Med is a technology-based introductory life science module based on NGS standards. The curriculum provides student-driven projects, problem-based learning, and all the teacher resources you could ever need, providing an incredibly easy experience for educators. The module is broken down into 13 different concepts with a varying number of lessons.

You can easily adapt Yeti Sports Med to your middle school classroom pacing, teaching preferences, and time restraints.


BirdSleuth is a complete K-12 education program that provides students with exciting resources that help them better understand science by connecting them to local habitats to explore biodiversity.

This program engages students in scientific study through real data collection and experiments.

The Slug Site

The Slug Site is a visually pleasing website dedicated to researching sea slugs, specifically Mollusca, Opisthobranchia, and Nudibranchia. It engages students by providing them with professional and general information and photographs from around the world.

The Slug Site works great as a single day’s lesson to dive deeper into life sciences.


BSCS aims to transform science education through research-driven innovation. Their website offers tons of different courses for students of all ages, providing them with integrated materials to help kids feel more connected to science.

BSCS’s courses are intended to be implemented as complete courses that can be offered over a period of time.

Strange Science

Strange Science breaks down the evolution of scientific study and the history of the field of science in general. This website describes the history of paleontology and biology and emphasizes the scientists who contributed to these fields in sometimes wacky ways.

This website is a great tool for a single day lesson as a part of a more complete curriculum.

The Biology Corner

The Biology Corner is a website filled with lesson plans, worksheets, class activities, and resources for teaching biology, anatomy, and physics.

This website can be pulled from and used to augment your class’s biology or life sciences curriculum.

Discover Life

Discover Life is a biology encyclopedia that offers free online tools to help students identify species while contributing to and learning from an encyclopedia of life that contains hundreds of thousands of species.

This website is a great tool that allows students to dive deeper into their already established biology curriculum.

Cloud Forest Alive

Cloud Forest Alive is a website in conjunction with the Tropical Science Center and Forum One Communication, which provides students with information on the diversity of clouds and weather patterns.

Teachers can implement this website into their biology curriculum to help students connect their current course work to the cloud forests of Central America.

Neuroscience For Kids

Neuroscience For Kids is a great website that helps teachers and students better understand the nervous system. This tool has an array of experiments, activities, and games that can be used alongside an already established biology or life science syllabus.

Cells Alive

Cells Alive provides students and teachers with incredible videos, photographs, and animations, which can all be downloaded and used in the classroom throughout science modules. This website provides teachers with incredible content to better help their students understand cell life.

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